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Maria-Paula Majoor


'Consistently intelligent playing'

- The Observer

'Schön durchgeatmet und ausgeglichen.'

- Ernst Hoffman, Ensemble

Maria-Paula Majoor // violinist
‘Dancing and making music at the same time, that’s what violin playing is to me. When I started at the age of five, I especially loved the movements you need to make as a violinist. And now it’s still magic being able to play a rhythm or melody and ‘dance’ on it at the same time.
When I play with the Matangi Quartet I feel like coming home. We have been playing string quartet since 1999 and just one look or a small gesture is enough to understand each other. Especially in our Beethoven project we got even more close and learned to trust on our strength as a group.
I also enjoy playing with different ensembles, orchestra’s or instrumentalists. Last year pianist Sepp Grotenhuis and I gave a concert at the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ with my ‘new Stradivarius’. One of the most inspiring concerts I ever gave. Playing with such an amazing pianist on a violin I built myself, be continued…..’



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